Treatment in Istanbul

Turkey has been one of the most frequently chosen destinations in recent years by patients from all over the world. Istanbul, Turkey is a leading destination for medical treatment abroad, offering high-quality medical care, exceptional specialists and incredible hospitality. The country is known for its modern hospitals equipped with the latest technology and experienced doctors and laboratory technicians in various medical fields. Patients can benefit from a variety of medical procedures, from IVF, transplants, cardiology and oncology to cosmetic surgery and dentistry. Istanbul combines healing with beauty and culture, offering visitors the chance to recuperate in one of the world's most beautiful places. Do not miss the opportunity to be treated in Istanbul through the professional assistance of


Our mission is to provide you with information, advice and support all the way to your health success, with the help of medical professionals from internationally accredited (JCI) health facilities in Istanbul, Turkey, providing medical services in accordance with the international standards we partner with. Do not hesitate to contact us to ask us questions and to turn to us for assistance and medical, health and preventive assistance. Our partners – multidisciplinary hospitals and clinics from Istanbul await you with high-quality medical expertise and care, professional attitude and the possibility of rapid diagnosis, medical treatment and recovery. Contact us to discuss your health issues and find the best possible medical treatment proposal in a short period of time.

From us to you is a brand of “family office” company “International Fiduciaries”. As the main activity of the company “family office” suggests, it is the favorite partner of the family for all medical matters. It is a new concept that focuses entirely on the health of the family, without conflict of interest or compromise. The range of services we offer is designed to protect the health of people wherever they are in the world. Based on more than 10 years of experience, the company has developed, with the cooperation of its partners, a professional methodology to accompany people at every stage of their lives when planning and managing their health. Contact us to discuss your health problem and we will find within 48 hours the best possible offer for your treatment in Istanbul.


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query – A question that often expresses doubt about something or seeks an answer from a specialist”

Family Office” – Family health care activity