Removal of excess fat and skin

Aesthetic surgery to remove excess fat and skin

Performing surgery to remove excess fat and skin that appear in the abdomen, thinning and tightening the abdominal wall.

Duration of the operation: 2 hours – 3 hours
Conditions of anesthesia: General anesthesia
Hospitalization: The duration of hospitalization varies depending on the patient's condition and the duration of the operation 2 – 4 days
Possible ailments: Temporary pain, swelling, tenderness and bruising that may remain for several weeks on the skin of the abdomen
Risks: Infection, bleeding under the skin, the scar is significant due to poor healing and damage to the skin

Postoperative period:

Return to work: 2-4 weeks, during this period a corset is worn
Heavy exercise: 4-6 weeks
Period required to observe a flat stomach and erase the traces: 3 months – 2 years