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qTherapy with internet addres: www.qTherapy.eu is a brand of International Fiduciaries Ltd., a company that is registered in the Bulgarian Commercial register with UIC: 131450231, having its address in Sofia, 14, Asen Georgiev str.

qTherapy is a website for supporting your search and booking of treatment in leading clinics in Turkey, known for its modern, well-equipped and advanced medicine worldwide. We work with clinics with the highest accreditation, which are internationally recognised and meets international health standards.

Booking medical services with the help of qTherapy, the patients receives the necessary service and medical care, as well as saving money compared to direct contact with the clinic or through other intermediaries (friends, acquaintances, travel agencies, etc.). Due to our established trust and long-term relations, the clinics provide us with their specialised health and medical services at optimal prices, prepared individually in view of your requirements and needs for medical care.

Our purposes are to contribute to the most convenient access to medical services at a quality level, offering our patients a combination of modern medicine and the highest service focused on the treatment of the patient and their recovery.

When you make an inquiry through this site, payments for treatment are made directly to the hospital, no payments to us and without any additional fees and commissions. The transparency of the calculations allows the accurate tracking of the final price and the direction of spending the funds, for which you will receive an invoice from the clinic itself.

Before you make your final decision, you will receive detailed information (including a second opinion from a specialist), as well as a detailed description of your treatment and the price for it.

The clinics we network with can do for you:

  • Diagnosis – diagnostic programs for already known diseases;
  • Medical treatment – programs aimed at providing medical treatment for the relevant diseases, and
  • Rehabilitation – rehabilitation programs with a choice of terms and duration.

You are not obliged to buy air tikets from us, to make hotel reservations, to plan your stay and trips through us, you can make them and organise them by yourself within the most economically advantageous way for you, taking into account only your scheduled day and time for admission to the clinics.

We are committed to fully assisting you, as well as giving you the necessary additional information about your medical treatment.

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