Child’s Check Up

Package – Child's Medical Check Up

Child's medical check up package include:

  1. Clinical breakdown – general medicine;
  2. Clinical knowledge – dental medicine;
  3. Clinical message – ophthalmologist;
  4. Clinical speech – Ears, Nose, Throat;
  5. Clinical Speaking – Pediatrics;
  6. CRP test for quantification of C-reactive protein (CRP) from blood or serum;
  7. Total iron capacity utilization test (TIBC) measuring the amount of iron in the blood;
  8. Parasitology is a gastrointestinal test for the presence of intestinal parasites, corresponding to a microscopic location;
  9. ESR – Erythrocyte sedimentation rate measures how fast black blood cells are used. It can help detect inflammation in the body;
  10. A blood ferritin test is a simple way to check a person's iron levels;
  11. A complete blood count is part of a routine examination and is responsible for measuring various parts and characteristics of the blood (18 parameters);
  12. Thealine urine test;
  13. Tympanometric analysis for observation of the middle ear.