Hair transplant – FUE

Restore your self-confidence

Hair transplantation – FUE technique

Hair loss is one of the main common problems for men and women around the world. Hair loss and thinning hair, as well as the problem of baldness have a negative impact on psychology, as well as significantly affect your social life. Hair transplant surgery, performed in the right centers and by experts in this field, helps people gain new hair and self-confidence.
The medical hair transplant centers we work with provide reliable and high-quality services of world standards with their professional and experienced staff, high-tech devices and modern techniques and hygiene.

Healthy hair with “FUE” – extraction of follicular units

Today, the most reliable technique is “follicular unit extraction”, which is abbreviated as FUE. This is a technique in which the follicular units inside which hair grows are extracted one by one from the nape of the neck and the areas above the ears, where the most intense hair follicles are coded not to drip, namely non-androgenic, with personalized microsurgical instruments. without any markings for cutting and stitching, and transplanted to areas without hair on the same day. It is performed without causing pain through local anesthesia, or with sedation depending on the patient's needs. Because hair follicles are extracted one at a time with personalized microsurgical instruments, recovery is complete within 2-3 days of surgery. The maximum number of hair follicles is transferred from the donor area according to the requirement of the area to be transplanted. The operation ends within 4 to 7 hours.

How to perform a hair transplant operation
According to the decision of the doctor specializing in hair transplantation, the transplant is performed shaved or unshaven head. The hair tissue and the transplant area are planned first. The hair tissue is shaved in accordance with the course of the operation, in the area where the hair will be transplanted, applying local anesthesia, and the hair follicles are taken one by one with microsurgical instruments. The channels are opened in the area where the effect is to be achieved, taking into account the direction of growth, the angle of growth and the intensity of the hair. The collected follicles are then placed one by one in these channels with careful and sensitive medical intervention. Throughout the operation, the goal is to ensure a healthy and permanent appearance of the hair as naturally as it will not be possible to recognize that a transplant operation has been performed. The hair transplant operation with FUE technique is completed on average within 4 to 7 hours.

What are the advantages of the FUE technique
As the hair follicles are removed one by one and with personalized microsurgical instruments, the recovery will be completed within 2-3 days after the operation without leaving any scars.
The maximum number of hair follicles can be transferred from the donor area according to the requirements of the area to be transplanted.
The whole area of ​​hair follicles, which is coded not to fall (non-androgenic), is used homogeneously and proportionally. In this way, this operation provides an opportunity for reuse in the future. In subsequent years, hair transplant operations, as a second and third procedure (when necessary) can be performed with the same technique in accordance with the needs and expectations of the patient.

Return to social life after hair transplantation
The recovery period of the area from which the hair follicles are taken to make a hair transplant is two days. You must strictly follow your doctor's recommendations as part of this process. On the second day of the hair transplant operation you can do the first wash. Ten days later, as you wash your hair once a day as instructed by the doctor who performed the hair transplant procedure, no marks or scars will remain. This will allow you to continue comfortably and with a new vision in your social life.

Need time to grow new hair
Despite the fact that in the first days after the operation red scars are noticed in the transplant area, the scars completely disappear and the transplant area is restored within 7-10 days, once a day the whole hair tissue is washed. All transplanted hair can fall out in the first month. Within approximately 15 days to 1 month, the patient can return to appearance prior to transplantation. It takes 3 months for the hair to start growing again. The change in the transplanted hair is observed mostly in the 5th and 6th month. It takes 1 year for new hair to grow in the transplanted area.

The right candidate for a hair transplant
  • Completed their physical development;
  • You do not have a chronic disease that prevents hair transplantation;
  • You have a sufficient number of hairs on the donor field of your head;
  • In the event that comfortable spaces have formed in the area where the hair follicles will be transplanted.
  • Hair transplantation surgery is performed not only for male hair loss, but also successfully performed for local areas, which can be formed as a result of various diseases, as well as from surgical scars.
  • Hair transplant surgery is also successfully performed for women. Given the size of the hairless area, transplantation without shaving is also performed.
  • You can do a preliminary interview with a doctor recommended by us to do a hair analysis.
  • Your doctor will tell you what to look out for after a hair transplant.
Dropping of transplanted hair
Because the transplanted hair follicles are taken from the area coded to not drip, it maintains the same characteristics of the area in which it is transplanted. In other words, your transplanted hair will last a lifetime unless you experience an illness or accident.

Hair Transplant performed in a hospital and in surgical room
Hair transplantation is a surgical application and should be performed in a sterile surgical room by specialist doctors and a professional team with experience in hair transplantation.
In addition to failing to achieve the desired results in hair transplant operations performed in inexperienced centers, which lack sufficient hygiene conditions, there are various risks of infection and the risk of complete hair loss. Hair follicles should be taken absolutely without harm and transplanted in the same way. Hair is the most important natural accessory for both women and men. As long as it is performed by professionals, it will have a positive impact on your life. Since there is no going back to bad experiences, the surgical process should not be left to chance.

New look in just 7 hours
The procedure takes an average of 4-7 hours. Since the whole process will be planned two weeks in advance, it will be enough to stay 2 nights and a maximum of 3 days in the city where you will arrive. After the hair transplant operation on the first day, resting on the second day with a dry medical bandage and the first wash on the third day, you will be able to go back.

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