Aesthetic changes of the nose

Aesthetic nose surgery – rhinoplasty

Reconstruction of the nose through surgery makes it smaller or larger. The hump of the nose is corrected, the nostrils are reduced and the tip of the nose is improved and changed, while in the meantime the deviations of the septum, when there are any, are corrected.

Duration of the operation: 1-3 hours
Conditions of anesthesia: General anesthesia
Hospitalization: 0 – 1 day
Possible ailments: swelling around the eyes, bruising, temporary headache and light bleeding during the first 2 days
Risks: Irregularities that may require reconsideration

Recovery period:
There is a need to have a nasal swab in the nose for 48 hours after the operation, a nasal splint is used in the first 1 week and a nasal bandage is used in the second week
Return to work: 1-2 weeks
Heavy exercise: 2-3 weeks
Do not wear goggles – shock protection for 8 weeks
Complete disappearance of edema: 2 months