Breast augmentation

Beautify the shapes and the forms of the breasts

Breast augmentation is the performance of plastic surgical interference in order to beautify and enlarge the size and shape of the breasts

Performing a surgical procedure in order to beautify the size and shape of the breast with different types of breast prostheses

Duration of the operation: 40 minutes -2 hours
Conditions of anesthesia: General anesthesia or local anesthesia under sedation
Hospitalization: Generally not necessary, 0-1 day
Possible ailments: Temporary pain, swelling, temporary decrease in nipple sensitivity. Sensitivity in the breast to touch for several weeks
Risks: The formation of a hard shell around the prosthesis that is in the breast (capsular contracture), risks of general surgery, such as bleeding and infection, increase or decrease in nipple sensitivity, may require the opinion of an experienced radiologist on issues related to the need for mammography

Postoperative period:

Return to work: 1-3 days
Physical contact with the breasts after 2-3 weeks, during this period a sports bra is worn
Fading of scars: 2-4 months