In vitro

Ou specialists have 65% higher success rate

In vitro is a type of assisted reproductive technology. This is a process in which one or more eggs are fertilised outside the woman's body, after which the resulting embryos are returned to the uterus

qTherapy in the capacity of representative agent of Memorial Hospitals – Istanbul has the ability and experience to organise and make an appointment for a primary consultation, as well as give you detailed information in the preparation and organisation of everything you need to the smallest detail so that do not think about the organisational steps, but to be calm and prepared in your upcoming in vitro procedure.

Every year many couples undergo in vitro procedures at the IVF center of Memorial Hospitals – Istanbul, most of whom are from abroad. The main reason for the international fame of the center lies in the high levels of success. For example, in young couples of childbearing age, clinical pregnancy is achieved in about 65% of cases. In couples in which the woman is over 40 years old or have many previous unsuccessful attempts, the success rate is about 25%. In both cases, the results are above the global average. The Center for Reproductive Medicine – in vitro is a preferred destination for families around the world who fail to have a baby naturally. The center is ISO15189 certified. It is the first and only in vitro laboratory in Turkey and Asia and among the first nine in vitro laboratories in Europe to be awarded this accreditation. Memorial Hospitals – Istanbul received the award “Best Center for Infertility Treatment in 2015” from the Medical Travel Awards in London.

Director of the Center for Reproductive Medicine of Memorial Hospitals – Istanbul is headed by Prof. Dr. Semra Kahraman in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She is a pioneer in the ICSI method, embryo freezing and PGD diagnostics (preimplantation genetic diagnostics), as well as HLA typing and aneuploid testing in Turkey. She and her team are the first in Turkey to isolate and create embryonic stem cells. Prof. Dr. Kahraman is currently Vice President of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, which specializes in diagnostics. She leads a team of over 70 specialists equipped with the latest technologies in this field – reproductive medicine. With the help of experienced professionals and modern technology it is possible to achieve results in almost all cases of problematic pregnancy.

The most important factor for the success of a proper in vitro procedure is to make an accurate assessment of the condition of each couple, and then carefully and accurately plan the most appropriate treatment according to the specific case, in accordance with the requirements and extensive experience of specialists. IVF.

The In vitro Fertilization Laboratory (IVF) at Memorial Hospitals in Istanbul offers high quality services that meet both national and international standards.

qTherapy is an agent of other specialised in vitro medical centres and is committed to helping you get the best price offer and professional attitude from the medical teams you choose, to provide the opportunity for your most valuable – in vitro conception of the future – You child.