Removal of excessive fat

Reshaping the body by sucking up excess fat, which is resistant to exercises and diets

Performed surgery to shape the body by sucking out excess fat, which is resistant to exercise and diet.

The areas where the procedure is most often performed are: thighs, abdomen and perimeter, legs, arms and neck.

Duration of the operation: Usually 1-2 hours, sometimes 3 hours
Conditions of anesthesia: General anesthesia, local or epidural anesthesia
Hospitalization: Patients usually do not stay in the hospital or may stay for 1 day
Possible diseases: Temporary bruising, swelling, tenderness or loss of sensation
Risks: Asymmetry, skin irregularities, application of excessive amounts of fluid or loss of fluid in excessive amounts

After operative period:

Healing period: different corsets are worn according to the size of the area in which liposuction is performed
Return to work: 1-2 weeks
Heavy exercise: 3-4 weeks
Complete disappearance of swelling and bruising: 1-6 months
Diet and exercise programs should be applied after the procedure